Monday, August 26, 2013

Strength Of Others

Well its been an interesting month to say the least. Enoch has snapped his ACL and damaged a part of his meniscus. Thus, he went into surgery August 6th 10:15 am.

It was so strange to me to be on the other side of things. I kept telling Enoch "it's so weird to see you in that bed getting ready and prepared for surgery." He assured me that everything will be ok.

Shaved leg and prepped for surgery. Marked with a smile face. Exactly what we wrote on my back right before I went in.  
The surgeon came in about an hour after telling me that Enoch is doing well. I am sure he can tell how out of my element I felt. Doctor Cooley began to explain that the meniscus had some damage but they were able to fix it while they were in. Soon after Doctor Cooley visited me the anesthesiologist came in and told me that Enoch was just waking up and behaving himself. Prior to Enoch going under Enoch explained to the staff that at his heart surgery, in his early 20's, he flirted with the nurses when he woke up. I thought, oh boy, this is going to be good when he wakes up. About an hour later Enoch was rolled back into his room all smiles and feeling great. Maybe a little too great. Having had a nerve block and still under anesthesia Enoch was feeling high as a kite. He thought he was super man and could conquer the world. No joke!

Enoch was craving breakfast but the only thing he could really have were crackers and a granola fruit bar. Enoch thought it was the best pancake he ever had. Enoch was such a entertainer and I could tell he was having a little too much fun. The staff and I laughed the whole time. Once they took out his IV Enoch's words were, "It's over... the party is over." "Yes", I answered, "and it is time to go home." The nurses let me know that he had made the books of most memorable and funniest patient. Since we were in Park City driving back to Spanish Fork I decided to create a group chat with some of his closest friends as an early Christmas present to really get a look at "Super Man" (Enoch). They all were thoroughly entertained.

Back to work and feeling great
Enoch did great during his first week of recovery. He only took three days of medication and then just kept his knee iced and up. Friends and family came over to visit throughout the week. Monday, Enoch had his post op appointment with the doctor and was back to work that same day. Such a trooper!
Enoch's mom Norma. She came over and fed us amazing dinner. The best nurturer I know.

Prior to this day Enoch assumed that he would be up and moving around the day after. Oh he had a lesson to be learned. Luckily enough Enoch does have the privilege to work from home which allows him to focus a little on his recovery time.

Enoch started therapy Tuesday 13, with the 88 degree flexibility. He kept up with his exercises everyday. Just the next day the 14 he got up to 91 degree bend, 16 105 degree, 19 117 degree, and 23 123 degrees of flexibility. Progressing everyday! He has done such a great job.
My tough guy 

Taking care of Enoch has made me realize how hard it must of been to take care of myself when I was down. It's not that Enoch is hard to take care of; taking care of him has made me understand how much goes in to nurturing and strengthening others. You can get whipped out fast.

They often say that tough times can either make or break you. Enoch and I have become such a strong team. It is important to have your loved ones near when your going through your hard times. In a way I believe that there is a power, a certain supreme unity of power when you have some type of support.  The power that gives us the ability to accomplish anything. I can't begin to describe how much power and strength I felt while I've been recovering.

Another part of taking care of someone can help you feel better about yourself. As much as you may think you can do everything on your own, there are times when you are tapped out and even though your not wanting anyone's help and maybe a bit stubborn (like myself) you will soon understand that no matter what you do it's ok to lean on another for some support. You will learn that you can get stronger faster. The power to pass it along. You can get more in life if you help enough people get what they need.

I have cried and gone through the stages of grief throughout my experience. With the prayers, faith, and perseverance I have felt the power and strength to get through anything. Goals are made everyday, goals that I can accomplish day by day. I have fallen a few times but just remind myself NOTHING is impossible. I am so proud of you Enoch and the accomplishments you have made. You are my rock.

Wishing you all are feeling the love of others and more than anything feeling the power of faith and perseverance. You can accomplish anything if you just believe in yourself. Abraham Lincoln said, "That some achieve great success, is proof that all others can achieve it as well."Go get em!! 9 months out and still learning more than I can even imagine.


GrandMOM said...

Hey Brother! I didn't know you got to go through what I did! How are you doing, now? I sure hope - WELL. Give your self lots of time to heal. Take it easy! Glad you got to have your's fixed!!! Call me, we can compare notes! Lots of Love, Kristy

GrandMOM said...

Alayne, I can tell you are doing a great job nursing Enoch. It's always good to have the upper hand sometimes, but Enoch is a GOOD GUY! Glad to know you are doing well also. Love you! Kristy

Alisha said...

Hooray for modern medicine! Its great to see you both up on your feet and living life to thw fullesst.

Enoch Wadsworth said...

Thanks sis! All is well and I am definitely milking it where I can. :) Alayne is good to take care of me. Love ya!

Enoch Wadsworth said...

So true! Glad to have it... can't wait until they can make cartilage. ;)

Alayne Wadsworth said...

Thanks alisha! Hope all is going well for you and the family.