Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Fun in July

July has been a busy month for us. I am always saying it would be best to have 8 weeks instead of four. ;)
I am sorry for not keeping you updated this last month. I guess in a way it's a good thing that I have been busy. It must mean I am doing much better and getting back into the grove of things. Now, I do have my weeks that I over do myself and rough nights of sleep but I am getting stronger and better at handling the pain.

So here is a quick run through of what us Wadsworth's been up to and more.....

Idaho Falls is where it's at for the fourth. You get the best fire work show in the nation. Always a must every year with our good friends the Wolf family. 
Me just having a bit of fun 
July 13 was Enoch's birthday.  He is such a stud. So grateful and blessed to have an amazing guy in my life. 
Enoch's brother and family came for a special visit. We celebrated Ryan's birthday. It was an eventful week full of fun times in the sun. Always a blast with that family.  

I am out and about trying to stay busy. Lots of fun auditions and gigs. Meeting so many new faces and great people along the way. 
 I had the lovely opportunity meeting so many new faces. This last week I had a gig teaching three nights of country dancing. All different groups and locations in park city. Such a blast!! Yes, if you were wondering I was extremely exhausted and sore after each night but had such a good time!

Good time is an understatement. We had over 500 people from Europe and Australia who came out and wanted a real feel of country. So with the help of amazing dancer friends. We had the floor full the whole night. With a live band and good times it was a huge turn out of success. Wish you were all there with me. What a night!
Me and my cow girl look ready to sweat and get my line dancing on. Beautiful Empire Canyon Lodge wedding. 
Red Barn ice cream. My I also add they have amazing licorice.
Largest Lavender Fields
Rodeo days in Spanish Fork along with pioneer day. Had a blast with the Campbell family.  Great neighbors of ours. Always a fun time with this crew.
So you can see we have been very busy and having fun along the way. I am getting stronger and trusting to get back into my career. We have lots of fun news coming your way soon. I can't wait to get started and share with you the fun adventures we have planned. Oh the suspense.  ;)

I hope you all are enjoying your summer and staying safe. Stay positive in all do and look forward to the future.

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